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Piles (Bawaseer )Pimples Treatment at home

Pile is very serious and common issue nowadays. It is painful and treats as soon as possible. Mostly people prefer medical treatment to cure it but, most of the time, you will get relief with medicines so, home remedies are the second option for you to cure it fast. It is very painful and dangerous for your health. If, it not treated on time then, it may convert into cancer. Therefore, do not ignore it.


  • Neran jan phaal


  • You need to take a bowl and add two tablespoon of neran jan phaal.
  • Soak it in water overnight.
  • Early morning strain it and eat it regularly as instructed in video.
  • It is best herb for curing piles naturally.

Make sure while using this remedy that you don’t have constipation problem otherwise it is useless to use this remedy because it will not work until you cure your stomach issue. If, you have constipation then, make a drink of ajwain and souf and drink it. You will feel good and get relief from stomach gas.

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