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Homemade Hair Growth Tea: Hair Loss Treatment

hair growth tea

How to Reduce Hair Fall Naturally Using different Hair Mask and Creams to treat Hair loss is a common way. But one must learn to keep hair care internally as well. It includes the intake of essential nutrients and food which helps to stop hair fall as well as encourages …

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3 Best Home Remedies to Cure Dehydration Naturally

dehydration cure

How to Cure Dehydration at Home When body lost more water and fluid than it has taken in, dehydration occurs. It is because every cell of the body needs water to work properly as much as it needs oxygen. Dehydration mostly occurs in children, adults, athletes, and people living in …

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Instant Skin Lightening Remedy: Fair Skin in 3 Minutes

instant skin lightening remedy

How to get Lighter Skin Tone in 3 minutes at Home There are many causes for dark skin color like, hyperpigmentation, Malnutrition, Liver disorder, Hormonal changes, more exposure to sunlight, and inherited factors. People who live in hot tropical regions often have dark skin color than people living in cold …

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How to make Homemade Lip Balm: 3 Delicious Flavors

homemade lip balm

3 Different ways to make Homemade Lip Balm Usage of Lip Balms in winter is usually very common. It is because our thin layer of lips finds it difficult to keep its moisture against the cold and dry winds of winter. If we don’t use lip balms our lips become …

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1 Old and Effective Sore Throat Home Remedy

soe throat home remedy

How to get rid of Sore Throat and Dry Cough During Winter Season most people suffer from a sore throat, fever, and flu. It can be very irritating and once you get it you want to get relief as fast as you can. Most of the time we take it …

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