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Natural treatment to solve urine problems

If, you are suffering from urine problem like getting drops of urine or having pain while, doing it. In short, you can treat any urine related problems easily with the help of this remedy. It is natural and herbal way of reducing urine related issues. Medical treatments are also very important so, don’t stop taking your medicines without the consult of your doctor.


  • Guley kesoo


  • You need to take guley kesoo. It is easily available in your near herbalist store.
  • Make powder of it.
  • Take one spoon of this powder regularly with water.
  • It will solve all your urine related issues naturally.

Benefits of drinking water:

Water is the natural medicine of all your problems. The intake of more water in a day will make your skin, hair and body healthy. You can get smooth skin, long hair and an active body. So, include it in your diet. It is necessary to have 8 glass of water in a day. As you know, the lack of water in your body cause kidney and urine problems so, always try to drink as much water you can drink in a day sor healthy and active life.

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