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Steps to Massage Newborn Baby Perfectly by Dr. Umme Raheel

How to Massage Newborn Baby for a Strong Body

Massage is one of the best techniques for keeping the body of a newborn baby into a good shape. As you massage different parts of the body of your newborn baby, it helps to increase the blood circulation and thus, it helps in good to grow healthy muscle. Regular body massage also helps in the quick growth of your baby. In today’s video, I am going to share with you the best method to massage newborn baby to make his/her body strong and healthy and to prevent a number of health issues.

Best Method to Massage Newborn Baby

  • Mix fennel seeds in olive oil, almond oil or jojoba oil. Jojoba oil gives a relaxing effect to your baby and helps him/her sleep better. The first step is to massage foot thumb slowly and it helps to improve eyesight.  Always massage with warm oil.
  • First, massage the head and massage well the forehead area and the corners. Keep a round pillow under the head of the baby. Press forehead backwards towards the neck and put a little more pressure on this are.
  • Massage the nose bone and press this bone with pressure. After this, massage the belly area and the chest of the baby.
  • Hold leg from the thigh area and then massage the foot. Do massage the heels well. And press the points between fingers and it helps in the cure of respiratory issues and prevents sinuses issues.
  • After this, massage the central area of the foot and it treats gastric issues. Also, it helps to prevent urine problems and constipation.
  • Make your baby take exercise by pressing his/her knees against the belly area. Also, bring his/her hands closer to each other such that his/her hands cross each other for hands/arms exercise.
  • Do massage the collarbone. Keep your baby on its belly and do back massage. Back massage is the most important in body massage.

This method of massage newborn baby is very effective. So, follow these steps to massage your baby body and makes his/her body grow stronger and healthier.

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