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Instant Skin Whitening with Homemade Wheat & Yogurt Scrub at Home

Dazzling Deep Cleaning Tips to Make Your Skin Glowing

The desire of every woman is to look pretty and attractive. To get your desire fulfilled, you need to have a flawless skin. If you want to make your skin look clear, glowing and spotless, you need to follow a proper skincare routine. In skin care routine, the most important is to do a regular cleansing of your face to beat the side effects of the environment. Dirt and dust particles and the buildup of the dead cells of the skin make your skin look damaged and dead. In today’s video, I am to help you. Here, I am going to share with you the method to do deep facial cleansing at home for instant skin whitening. Follow the simple remedy shared below, and get fair and a glowing skin instantly.

How to Give Yourself a Deep Cleansing Facial

To do the deep cleansing of your facial skin and to make your skin fair and glowing, the ingredients you need for this simple remedy are


  • Yogurt, two spoons
  • Wheat porridge, one spoon


  • Take two spoons of yogurt, and one spoon of wheat porridge.
  • Mix the ingredients. Now, you will get the best DIY scrub for deep facial cleansing and instant skin whitening ready for use.

How to Use:

Apply the mixture to your skin, and massage gently. Wash your face after 10 minutes. You can use this scrub anytime during the day. Use it daily, and within a few days, you will get clear, fair and a glowing skin.

This homemade scrub for instant skin whitening is quite easy to make. To make it at home, you need to take only two simple ingredients from your kitchen. The scrub works fast on your skin, and gives instant results as it removes all the dirt and dust particles and dead cells of your skin. So, if you do not have time to visit a beauty salon for getting a facial treatment, make and use this natural scrub and get fair and glowing skin.

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