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Impressive Health Benefits of Eating Curd (Yogurt) Daily At Home Naturally

Benefits of Eating Curd on an Empty Stomach

Do you love to use curd? It is delicious, and many of you simply love to eat yogurt in summer, especially. Also, it is rich in nutrients. Thus, it has many health and beauty benefits for you. This is the reason that all of you must make curd a part of your daily diet. Here, I am going to share with you some impressive health benefits of eating curd. Follow the remedies below to get full health benefits of curd.

Best Time to Eat Yogurt Morning or Night

Cures Infections:

The use of curd in breakfast prevents infection. It provides calcium, protein, zinc and Vitamin B 12 to your body. Thus, it boosts your immunity.  If curd is used mixed with Gooseberries powder or jaggery, it helps to treat all health issues.

Improves Digestion:

Mix cumin seeds powder or roasted cumin seeds powder in curd and then use it. Add some salt and black pepper powder in it. It helps to improve your digestion and cures stomach issues.

Migraine Cure:

Among health benefits of eating curd, a surprising benefit is that it is helpful for getting quick relief from a migraine.  For this, use curd and yogurt before sunrise daily, and you will never get a migraine.

Weight Loss:

The curd is very good for kids after mother’s milk. Give curd to your kids.  The use of curd also aids in weight loss. Calcium in it helps to prevent the buildup of fat in your body. Take five spoons of curd daily in the morning to prevent obesity and high blood pressure.

Makes Bones Healthy:

Curd has Vitamin A, Vitamin D, and Vitamin B12. It is rich in nutrients. It has 100 grams fat and 98 calories in 100 grams of yogurt. Calcium in it makes your bones healthy.

Treats Stomach Acidity & Heartburn:

Take one cup of curd daily, and it is very effective for the cure of stomach acidity. Take buttermilk and use it. It is very effective to treat gastric issues. Mix water and curd and gargle with this water for the cure of heartburn.

Hair Loss Cure:

For hair loss, you may apply curd to your hair. Massage and then wash hair with cold water.  Rub curd in a copper pot for a few minutes till the curd gets the green color. It helps to cure baldness.

Improves Eyesight:

If you cannot see anything at night, mix black pepper and curd water. Strain the water and apply it to your eyes like Kajal.

Improves Your Health:

Curd also cures joint pain and improves your heart health. It reduces high cholesterol and removes toxins from your body.

So, all of these health benefits of eating curd are just surprising. So, add curd to your diet, and enjoy its health and beauty benefits.

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