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How to Fall Asleep Fast: 20 Life Hacks for Sleep

Learn to Fall Asleep Fast without Sleeping Pills

Today in the latest technological era, it has become very difficult for us to sleep. Now a day, It has become very common to take sleep meditation and adopt other helping ways to sleep. Sleep deprivation is also known as Insomnia. There are many causes for lack of sleep or insomnia which include usage of electronics, anxiety, stress, too much thinking, daily routine or certain diet etc. We have brought you 20 different hacks which will help you to Fall Asleep Fast.


How to Fall Asleep Fast Naturally

  1. Avoid to sleep in Annoying Voices

Try to sleep in a place where you cannot hear annoying voices like TV volume, traffic sound, and baking dog etc. if you can’t avoid such noises try listening to some ambient noise like rain drops sound. You can put your headphones on so that outside noise can’t disrupt you while sleeping.

  1. Magic Sleep Button

In the middle of our forehead, we have a magic sleep button. Putting some pressure on that area releases the anxiety and helps us sleep faster.

  1. Jasmine Oil

Applying some jasmine essential oil in the middle of forehead also helps in sleeping faster. Jasmine oil is known for sleeping easier.

  1. Quick Blinking

Blinking your eyes real quickly make your eyes tired. And tired eyes help to sleep quickly.

  1. Temperature

Setting the room temperature to 18 degree Celsius or 65 degrees Fahrenheit cools down the body temperature and helps you sleep faster.

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  1. Relaxing your body

Just lie down in the bed and relax your each muscle consciously. You can also stretch the muscle and feel it relaxed afterward, it will help sleeping faster.

  1. Honey

Take a spoon full of honey mix it in a glass of Warm Milk and drink it before sleeping.

  1. Avoid other activities

After going to bed for sleep avoid other attention-grabbing activities like using your laptop, playing with pets, watching a movie and eating junk food. Try to wear your pajamas before sleep.

  1. Sleep with stuff toy or pet

Sleeping with a friend, pet or soft toy help you feel safe and calm and make you sleep faster.

  1. Sleep on left side

Sleeping on the right side, release an acid in the body which causes gas and disrupts you while sleeping. So try to sleep on the left side.

  1. Cherries

Try eating tart cherries before sleep. Cherry helps a lot in sleeping fast. Try to sleep in a dark room.

  1. Breathing Pattern

Breath 4 seconds, hold it for 7 seconds and then breathe out for 8 seconds. Repeat it for 4 times and you will feel relaxed. Try this breathing pattern before going to bed and sleep faster.

  1. Take a Shower

Take a hot bath or shower before sleep, it will raise your body temperature and when you will go to sleep the rapid falling of temperature will help you sleep faster.

  1. Put away Electronics

Try to put away all of your electronic devices like mobile, tablets, laptop etc 30 minutes before you sleeping.

  1. Oatmeal

Try having a bowl of oatmeal before sleep it will also help you fall asleep fast.


  1. Cognitive Shuffle:

Do some cognitive shuffle in your mind before sleep. Try not to focus on one thing just think about random and unconnected subjects. Try thinking about words from each alphabet like unicorn, space, trees, machine , water, pink etc,  It will help your brain to sign off fast.

  1. Yoga pose

Do the yoga pose called “Legs up the wall” before sleeping. It will help to release stress from your lower back muscle and make you float in sleep faster.

  1. Massage

Try to get a massage or do it on your own before sleeping. You can use eye massager as well.

  1. No tossing and turning

Avoid tossing and random turning before sleep they only aid up in being awake. Try to remain still in one position it will take all of the restlessness away and make you sleep faster.

  1. Set an alarm

Try to make it a habit of setting an alarm as a reminder that you need to sleep or start preparing yourself to sleep. Because sleeping daily at the same time helps to regulate the rhythm which tells your body to go to sleep.

Benefits of using the 20 Life Hacks for Sleep:

By making it habit to use any of these life hacks you will fall asleep faster and eventually it will become you habit to sleep faster. these life hacks will give you freedom from Insomnia.


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