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Home Remedies to Prevent Falling Eyebrows

How to Cure Falling Eyebrows Naturally

Eyebrows are also the primary part of your face. In making your overall look, eyebrows play a primary role. Also, eyebrows help to enhance the beauty of your eyes. If your eyebrows are dark, thick, and long, these make your eyes look more attractive. Also, your overall facial beauty is greatly enhanced. Your eyebrows look good when these are thick and dark. But, because of certain factors, you also have to face the issue of falling or thin eyebrows. Are you also facing this annoying beauty trouble? Do you need the best homemade solution for eyebrow growth? Here, I am to help you. In this video, I am going to share with you some effective home remedies to prevent falling eyebrows.  These home remedies are natural, and also, these make your eyebrows grow longer and thicker.

Remedies to Treat Falling Eyebrows Naturally

Remedy 1

The mineral selenium is very good for your hair. Because of high level of cholesterol, you have to face the deficiency of this mineral.  When your body does not get the required amount of this mineral, your eyebrow hair start falling. For this issue, use foods rich in selenium.

Remedy 2


  • Antimony stone
  • Castor oil


  • Take antimony stone, and mix it with castor oil.
  • The remedy to prevent falling eyebrows is ready for use now.

How to Use:

Apply it to your eyebrows. Use the remedy regularly for the best results. Within a few days, you will get visible results.

Tip for Eyebrow Growth:

Your eyebrow hair also need nourishment the same way as your body needs nutrients. Thus, the best tip is to do oil massage of your eyebrows daily. This tip helps to make eyebrow hair strong, and thus, it helps to prevent the hair from falling off.

These home remedies and the tip to prevent falling eyebrows is very effective. So, if you are also suffering from this beauty issue, and your eyebrow hair are falling, do not need to worry for it now. Follow this simple home remedy and the tip shared above and you will get long, dark and thick eyebrows.

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