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How to make Delicious Kalakand Burfi with simple recipe

An instant recipe to make Delicious Kalakand Burfi

Kalakand is delicious milk based sweet, is yet another way of enjoying the goodness of milk. It is similar to Barfi and usually prepared on festivals in Asia. Delicious Kalakand Burfi can be made at home by following a very simple recipe without having to toil for hours. Whether it’s cooked traditionally or instantly, its final taste and texture are similar.

Procedure to make Delicious Kalakand Burfi

For making Kalakand at home, you have to follow the given procedure.


  • Full fat milk, one liter
  • Lemon juice, one tbsp
  • Water, one tbsp
  • Sweetened condensed milk, two hundred grams
  • Sugar, three to four tbsp
  • Cardamom powder, half tbsp
  • Rose essence, a few drops
  • Nuts, quarter cup finely chopped

An instant recipe to make Delicious Kalakand 1212


  1. First of all, boil the milk in a heavy bottom pan, keep it boiling and then add lemon juice. Simmer it for a minute and then turn off the flame.
  2. Now, stir continuously till the curd separated.
  3. Then, once the milk curd got separated, drain it using a strainer or a muslin cloth.
  4. After that, wrap the curds in a muslin cloth, rinse under cold water, and squeeze well.
  5. Then, for taking out the excess water, squeeze the wrapped curd. Do not knead
  6. Now, take a pan boil sweetened condensed milk in a heavy bottom frying pan on medium high heat.
  7. Then, add the drained curd and keep stirring till the mixture thickness and forms a soft consistency.
  8. Now, add sugar and make sure to frequently stir the milk as the milk burns easily in the bottom of the pan.
  9. Cook for about eight minutes and keep stirring until the mixture become soft lump and start leaving the pan from sides.
  10. Finally add, Cardamom powder, Rose essence then give it a good mix. When it turns the relatively dry switch off the flame.
  11. Then, Pour it into a greased container about half inch thick.
  12. Let it cool for about one hour. Cut the Kalakand in squares.

Your Delicious Kalakand is ready to serve.

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