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chia seeds to reduce weight fast

You may know about variety of remedies or pills to reduce weight but, them all gives you result very late so, if you want to quick and fast weight loss remedy then, here you will get amazing method of using tukh Malanga to get rid of extra pounds fast. Tukh Malanga is very healthy for your body. It will make your body hydrated and make you feel cool and fresh whole day.


  • Tukh Malanga
  • Honey
  • Water


  • Take one glass of water.
  • Add one tablespoon of tukh Malanga.
  • Add honey according to your taste.
  • Mix it well.
  • Your fat burning drink is ready.
  • Drink it regularly.

Benefits of tukh Malanga:

It will not only reduce your weight but, also gives your body energy to work whole day in summers. So, you should add one glass of it in your daily life routine. It will improve your digestive system.

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