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Easy Home Remedies for Split ends and Dry hair

best home remedies for split ends and dry hair

Natural treatment for Split ends and Dry Hair: If you have good and healthy hair you will look more attractive and stunning, imagine if girls don’t have hair, would they look pretty?  not at all.  The same goes for boys, they also don’t look handsome without hair. The climate of …

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Food habits that help to Reduce Hair Fall

how to reduce hair fall by food

 Food Items to reduce Hair fall: There is one common problem that every girl faces and that is How to reduce hair fall. Unfortunately, age is no longer to decide the criteria for hair fall problem. We often blame the shampoo and conditioner we use for the cause of hair fall …

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Remove chewing gum without cutting hair at home

best ways to remove chewing gum without cutting hair

How to remove chewing gum without cutting hair Hair goals – shiny, silky, long, and straight hair. Chewing Gum sticking on hair is a hilarious problem but can lead people to cut their hair to remove Gum. What if the Gum has stuck hair? it would be such a nightmare with …

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