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Natural remedies for Head Lice Treatment

head lice treatment

How to get rid of Head lice at home Head lice are the common issue mostly in children. Although these tiny insects do not cause any big harm to health but they give a person, unhygienic and dirty look. Head lice suck the blood from the scalp or crawl in …

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Henna Hair Dye: Best way to Color hair at home

Henna Hair Dye

Best way to make Hair Color at Home Hair dye is not a thing which you can only buy from the market but it can also be made at home with some cheap and easy ingredients. Natural hair dye does not contain chemicals in it. So there are no chances …

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How to get rid of Dandruff Naturally

how to get rid of dandruff

Home Remedies to cure Dandruff Each one of us experiences dandruff at a certain age of life. Dandruff occurs due to the shedding down of dead scalp cells. When it occurs at the rapid rate it can be disturbing. There are many shampoos and hair products claiming to stop dandruff …

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Homemade Essential Oil for Hair Growth

Oil for Hair Growth

How to Grow hair 1 Inch in 10 Days: Every girl dreams of beautiful, long and strong hair. To get healthy and strong hair growth is not so easy because on average hair grows 1 inch per month but if you care in a good and effective way, the growth …

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Home Remedies for Grey Hair Treatment

Home Remedies for Grey Hair Treatment

How to Reverse Grey Hair at home: To look at the grey hair of an aged person is normal but nowadays we see many young boys and girls with grey hair. When younger adults in their 20s-30s start getting their premature white and grey hair they want to get rid …

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Remedies to treat Dry and Damaged Hair at Home

how to treat dry and damaged hair at home

How to treat dry and damaged hair at home: The hair contains three layers, the inner layer is known as medulla, the outer layer is called as the cuticle and the middle layer is named as the cortex. The cuticle layer is responsible for protecting the hair from damages. Therefore, …

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Easy Home Remedies for Split ends and Dry hair

best home remedies for split ends and dry hair

Natural treatment for Split ends and Dry Hair: If you have good and healthy hair you will look more attractive and stunning, imagine if girls don’t have hair, would they look pretty?  not at all.  The same goes for boys, they also don’t look handsome without hair. The climate of …

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Food habits that help to Reduce Hair Fall

how to reduce hair fall by food

 Food Items to reduce Hair fall: There is one common problem that every girl faces and that is How to reduce hair fall. Unfortunately, age is no longer to decide the criteria for hair fall problem. We often blame the shampoo and conditioner we use for the cause of hair fall …

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Remove chewing gum without cutting hair at home

best ways to remove chewing gum without cutting hair

How to remove chewing gum without cutting hair Hair goals – shiny, silky, long, and straight hair. Chewing Gum sticking on hair is a hilarious problem but can lead people to cut their hair to remove Gum. What if the Gum has stuck hair? it would be such a nightmare with …

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