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3 Best Remedies to Lighten Dark Elbows And Knees

Get Rid of Dark Elbows And Knees quickly

Dark Knees and Elbows make you less confident while wearing short skirts and dresses. The skin around knees and elbows tends to be darker because it has more folds of skin. And when proper hygiene and care is not maintained. It becomes darker than other body parts. Some other causes of dark knees and elbows include genetics, hormonal imbalance, and building up of dead skin and dry skin. There are many creams available in the market to get rid of them. But trying natural remedies to cure dark elbows and knees is the best way. Following are 3 easy and effective remedies for lightening dark knees and elbows at home.


Home Remedies for Dark Knees and Elbows:

dark elbows and knees natural remedies

Remedy 1:


  1. Olive Oil
  2. Lemon Juice
  3. Salt


  • Take a bowl and Add 1 Tbsp of Olive Oil into it
  • Add 2 Tbsp of Lemon Juice into it
  • Now add ½ cup of salt into it
  • Mix them well to make a thick grainy paste
  • Apply it on your knees and elbows
  • Scrub it for few minutes and leave it for 15 minutes
  • Do this regularly to have better results

Remedy 2:


  1. Potato
  2. Curd (yogurt)


  • Take a small potato and cut it in half after peeling
  • Dip this half potato into curd
  • Now gently massage your elbow and knee area with this potato
  • Keep on doing this for 15 minutes

Remedy 3:


  1. Aloe Vera
  2. Honey


  • Take a bowl and add 2 Tbsp of honey into it
  • Now add 2 Tbsp of Aloe Vera Gel into it
  • Mix them well and apply it on elbow and knees
  • Gently massage it and leave it for 15 minutes
  • Repeat it regularly


Benefits of using these remedies:

These remedies will help you to lighten your dark knees & elbows. Ingredients like Potato, Aloe Vera, and Lemon act as bleaching agent. They help in whitening or lightening the dark area of skin. The other ingredients like honey and yogurt help in providing moisture to your skin. Salt acts as a scrub and helps in exfoliation of the skin.

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