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Instant Homemade Skin Whitening Mask

How to get White & Clear Skin in 7 days

To get clear skin and white complexion is the desire of almost every girl. But the dust, Pollution, Sunlight and improper care makes your skin dull and complexion dark. There are many skin care products and creams available in the market to make your skin glow and fair. But these products give you unnatural white skin and above all, they give fair complexion which is not permanent. The day you stop using these products, your white skin starts to become dark. So, to use Home Remedies not only will give permanent white skin by enhancing your natural complexion but also will not cause any harm to your skin. Following is the simple home remedy to make skin whitening mask for getting clear skin and fair complexion in just one week.

Recipe for Homemade Skin Whitening Mask

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  1. Avocado
  2. Turmeric Powder
  3. Honey


  • Cut an Avocado in small pieces and blend them to make a smooth paste.
  • Add 2 Tablespoon of Avocado paste in a bowl.
  • Add two pinch of Turmeric Powder in it.
  • Add ½ Teaspoon of Honey
  • Mix all the ingredients well to make a paste.
  • Apply this paste on your skin with the help of Face Brush.
  • First, apply a thin coat on your skin.
  • Then apply a second thick coat of paste on your face.
  • Let it dry for about 20-30 minutes.
  • Wash this face pack with normal tap water and dry your face.


Benefit of using Home Remedy for Skin Whitening:

Regular use of this mask will provide you white skin in 7 days. When you can make this mask easily at home then you don’t have to buy expensive cosmetics and skin care products. The ingredients of this mask like honey and turmeric powder helps to enhance the complexion and glow of the skin. And avocado helps to remove dead skin cells and lighten the dark complexion making your skin white and beautiful.

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